Fresh fish are entering rivers, but high water is making it tough. Pennsylvania trout and bass seminar information below.

bfa8c11c-27d7-4935-9f4e-a7e2d8eb7591Some of our guides got out Monday, and found pretty good fishing on the smaller tributaries.  However the skies opened up once again, and put a halt to any fish plans for Tuesday, or Wednesday.  If you have time to get out tomorrow Elk Creek, Grand River tributaries, and the Rocky River will be your best bets.  We are do for more rain Friday.  How the fishing conditions will be over the weekend will depend on how much rain we get.  If only a little look for the smaller tributaries, Rocky River, and Chagrin to be fishing.  Keep your fingers crossed.  If we do get blown out over the weekend we will keep you posted, but expect  things to be in shape by early next week.  As always if you need help with what, or where to fish, stop in the shop and we will help you out as best we can.