Lance Wilt trout tactics for Winter, Spring, and Summer. Discover PA’s Allegheny river, Fly tying. Steelhead report and river update.

Great seminar for all of us trout/nymph/streamer geeks this Saturday.  Winter, spring, and summer trout tactics with fish whisperer Lance Wilt.  If you are not a trout freak we will also be discussing PA’s Allegheny river and its awesome smallmouth fishing.  Want more?  We got it.  Lance and Justin Pribanic will be demoing go to smallmouth, and trout streamers as well. Seminars will be from 10am-12:30pm, with fly tying from 1pm-3pm.

On the steelhead front fresh fish are on the move, and most of the rivers are in good shape.  For tomorrow and the weekend the Chagrin, Conneaut, and Elk are all in play and fishing fairly well.  The Grand is still up, but may be in play by Saturday or Sunday.  If you need some help with locations or flies stop in the shop.  Good luck on the rivers.  If you have time make sure to check out Saturday’s seminar, it will be one of the best we have had so far.

f01d542b-2f22-4ee2-a833-532be537ca18Justin Pribanic will be at the shop Saturday sharing some of his go to trout/smallmouth streamers.  If you have seen Justin’s bugs before i know you will be there.  If you haven’t do yourself a favor and stop in.  He will be tying from 1pm-3pm.